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Roller Coaster Physics

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Descriptive Essay- Ride of My Life. — Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will know how phobias affect people and how to overcome their phobia. Introduction a. Imagine being so afraid of something that you try everything in your power to avoid it.

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My Last Softball Tournament It was 9 a. She turned on my light and told me to get ready. The light hit my face forcing me to wake up. I could hear my mom and dad packing and loading our luggage into our truck.

I got that same feeling that I get when you go down the first arch on a roller coaster in my stomach. This happens every time I have a tournament or game.

How Phobias Affect People And How Can Overcome Their Phobia

My stomach. Communication 3 These emotions can impact interpersonal relationships negatively or positively by altering our behavior. One example, positive emotions can also negatively affect our behavior. When we as allowing ourselves to be abused by someone because we love them, our emotion can blind side us to the point that our point of view becomes distorted.

By staying in this emotional roller coaster relationship we allow ourselves. One of the biggest concerns that stops people from skydiving is the safety risk that they would need to consider and confront. The statistic of the fatalities in skydiving is included in the PowerPoint to help the audience to overcome their fear. Comparatively, the risk of getting into a car accident is higher than the risk of being injured in skydiving. Through examination of the situations in the story, it becomes apparent that adolescence involves experiencing emotional conflicts between friends, searching for one's identity amid a period of change and overcoming the negative influence of peer pressure.

Adolescence is a stage of life, overwhelmed by emotional conflicts between friends. It is a period of time where emotional instincts are weighed more than good judgement, when making decisions that will. We allow these downs to define who we are and take control of our lives.

We do this because we feel as though we have no fight left in us.

That it is just better to give up the fighting and succumb to the hopelessness we feel during these times. However, even when our lives feel like they are crumbling on us and we're suffocating in this hopelessness, we finally hit the bottom of that roller coaster and begin ascending up.

With every down there always an up that follows it. We feel as though we found our place in life and are having the time of our lives. We are happy during the ups. We are optimistic about the future and where we are headed in life. During the ups, we have confidence in ourselves that we never had before. We truly believe that anything is possible. However, this up has to come to an end.